May 28, 2014

Renewals of motor vehicle insurance

When you review your motor insurance arrangements you may want to look at the points listed below. The list is by no means exhaustive. Types of cover available in the market. Add-ons available in the market. The value of the benefits payable on the happening… Read more
January 31, 2014

Types of events that require motor vehicle insurance

These include:- Partial damage, total damage or full loss of your motor vehicle on theft. Partial damage or total damage of the property of Third Parties involved in the accident. Third Parties must be compensated under law as a minimum. Loss or damage to… Read more
Jan 31, 2014

Nature of the risks that you are exposed to as a motorist

The events that you insure against, eg. accidents, theft, fire, etc.., are not predictable and may happen at any time. The value of the loss or claim, on the happening of the insured event, cannot be known in advance. Read more
Jan 13, 2014

Motor Traders Insurance

Motor Traders Insurance is for companies who carry out the repair, maintenance and/or cleaning of motor vehicles in the motor industry. The insurance policy would cover the insured against the insured events during the time that vehicles are driven in and out… Read more
Jan 13, 2014

Motor Fleets Insurance

Motor Fleet Insurance provides cover for a number of different motor vehicles owned by the insured. The minimum number of vehicles making up a fleet varies with the insurance company. A motor fleetmay also include commercial vehicles. The insurance company… Read more
Jan 13, 2014

Commercial Motor Insurance

Commercial Motor Insurance provides cover for vehicles which are designed or are used to carry goods and passengers. NB: The above is for information purposes only. Please consult your insurance company or insurance broker for details and information and… Read more
Jan 13, 2014

Car Hire Cover

This cover may be available as seperate and independent cover or as an add-on under Comprehensive Cover. In the event that the insured vehicle is damaged and is taken for repairs, a replacement motor vehicle is provided to the insured for the duration of the… Read more
Jan 13, 2014

Comprehensive Cover Add-ons

The motor vehicle owner may choose various add-ons to be included under Comprehensive Cover, at additional cost, subject to limits. These may include:- • Legal Expenses. This covers the insured’s legal expenses in the event of claims by third parties. •… Read more
Jan 13, 2014

Comprehensive Cover

Comprehensive Cover is the highest level of cover available in Zimbabwe. This insurance cover extends Full Third Party, Fire and Theft Insurance to include accidental damage to the insured’s own motor vehicle. The insurance cover is subject to limits and… Read more
Jan 13, 2014

Full Third Party, Fire and Theft Insurance

This cover extends Third Party Liability Insurance to also include damage or loss to the insured’s own motor vehicle as a result of fire and/or theft. Damage to the insured’s own motor vehicle as a result of the accident is not covered. This level of cover is… Read more
Jan 13, 2014

Full Third Party Liability Insurance

This insurance covers the motor vehicle owner against claims for compensation that may be legally made by third parties involved in the accident, for injuries or damages to their property up to specific limits. Also covers such claims when towing caravans and… Read more
Jan 13, 2014

Types of motor vehicle insurance available in Zimbabwe

These include:- Third Party Liability Insurance Full Third Party Fire and Theft Comprehensive Cover Commercial Motor Insurance Motor Fleets Motor Traders Insurance Car Hire Insurance Read more